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Download + Serial Number Deep Freeze 7 Std ( Full Licensed )

Excess Deep Freeze 7 is very different from the previous Deep Freeze.

The Evolution Continues – Deep Freeze 7

The trusted workstation protection you have come to depend on has evolved. Deep Freeze 7 further extends its ability to make computers indestructible, reduce support costs, and free up crucial IT resources.

Deep Freeze and Faronics Core
With Deep Freeze 7, enterprise users are now able to leverage the power and flexibility of Faronics Core. The extended management capabilities of Faronics Core allows users to customize their deployment.

Faronics Core also offers centralized control of all Faronics solutions, further facilitating IT management.

Faronics Anti-Virus and
Layered Security
Deep Freeze and Layered Security

Deep Freeze 7 integrates seamlessly with our new Faronics Anti-Virus – Deep Freeze maintenance periods are no longer necessary. With the implementation of Storage Spaces in Faronics Core, anti-virus updates, such as signatures, engine or product updates, will occur and be retained even while your workstations are protected in a Frozen state!

As a longtime advocate for an enterprise-wide, layered security approach, this integration is vital in providing your deployment with complete protection.

Secure the heart of your IT environment with the system restore protection of Deep Freeze, protect against application level intrusions with the whitelisting technology of Anti-Executable, and as the final layer, guard against malware threats with Faronics Anti-Virus.  

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Download Software Deep Freeze 7

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Download Serial Number Deep Freeze 7

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